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Impassioned_A - 37 años

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  She is una mujer De Moscow, Russia
  This Russian mail order bride speak by: Russian(Fluido), Mandarin(Bueno), English(Bueno)
She work in as Party maker :)
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Detalles personales

Datos privados e información de contacto
Sexo:     mujer
Niños:     sin hijos
Desea hijos:     Te lo diré después
Tipo de cuerpo:     Atractivo
Origen étnico:     Caucásico
Estado civil:     Solo
Educación:     Cierto grado de universidad
Fumador:     No
Bebedor:     Raramente
Detalles de la persona que usted está buscando
Yo busco:     hombre
Buscando un rango de edad:     29-70
Buscando por estatura:    
Buscando por tipo de cuerpo:    
Relación:   Amistad, Matrimonio, Relación, Romance, Amistad por correspondencia


Hmmm, some people might call me outrageous :lol: But this is rude for my taste, I do love to surprise and actually have the ways to do that. I'm in the age when I just want some simple woman's happiness but in the same time I still have crazy side of me, which you will need to reveal... and also a sexual secret :roll: Nothing extremely scary or sick though, so relax :mrgreen I'm fun loving and laugh a lot. I do love to bring positive to people surround me, I'm outgoing and some say charismatic. This helps me in my work a lot. So if a person whom you have seen on photos and something that you have read about this person in description works for you, then just feel free to write me, let's see how it works! Yeap, I'm a bit ample) But in the same time I do not have complexes and have something that you could hold me for haha 8)

Descripción de pareja ideal

A real woman needs a real man you know. But I do not have and prefer to not give a list of demands, because it gives a sense like we're on fair! And we're not :wink: So, the main quest is to be yourself, I think all the rest will come naturally to us. And we will most likely fit. No need to pretending someone, we're who we're and we do not have to be ashamed of who we-re))

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